Epic American Bullies is a small family owned kennel located in the Hi-Desert area of Southern California. Here we are dedicated to enhancing and upholding the legacy of The American Bully and The Shortybull. Established in 2009, we maintain a strict breeding program that has been developed and implimented over the coarse of the last three years to produce high quality pup, with even temperaments and bully features. In our offspring we strive to create low to the ground bullies, with supreme muscle structure and maximum head size.

All pups are raised around children from birth and are socialized with other dogs and people while they are in our care.

We have developed our style of The American Bully out of years of research and the understanding of what went into producing high quality pedigreed dogs. Our main lines of interest consist of Razors Edge, Gotty, Grey Line and even some old Watchdog blood lines.

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